Information for Participants


October 26th–28th, 2023, Celje, Slovenia
Saint Joseph Home, Plečnikova ulica 29, Celje, Slovenia
Organization: Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana

Dear colleague,

We cordially invite you to the traditional scientific conference, which will take place in Celje, on October 26th–28th, 2023. This year, conference will focus on the topic of ethics and religion in the technological age.

Main questions and aims of the conference

Our conference is open to consideration of various aspects, kinds and forms of technologies, but we pay special attention to artificial intelligence. AI has proven to be the core technology of the present and the future. The great progress in the development of AI represents a deep social change that will radically change the human life world; much more than it already is, and to an extent and in a way that we cannot yet truly imagine and appreciate. In the future, AI systems will be more and more integrated into our daily life and work. Many see this as a fundamental revolution in human existence. Because technical innovations not only have a huge potential to support human activities, for example research, communication, economic, health, and change human environment and reality, but at the same time they also influence a human themselves: both their exterior and physicality as well as their “interior”. They shape and change their body, way of thinking and experiencing, and represent a challenge for a human’s understanding of themselves and reality. These challenges of technology concern practically all aspects and areas of human life, including ethical and religious ones, which we especially focus on. The aim of our conference is to increase and deepen their understanding and contribute to solving the problems that the development of technology gives rise to.

The specificity of Celje conferences is their multidisciplinary character as cultivated throughout the years. The issues are discussed and evaluated from various aspects: philosophical, theological, from the point of view of (bio)ethics, religious and cultural studies, cognitive science, psychology, psychotherapy, education, (intellectual) history, social science and others. We believe that the conference subject may be understood better if approached through different, complementary viewpoints, foremost through humanities and social sciences; approaches from other viewpoints are also welcome as the issues and problems associated with technology, ethics and religion are very complex and multileveled and require multifaceted research and clarification. Therefore, our conference, which is of interdisciplinary nature, is very suitable for their consideration. As usual, the humanities will be at the forefront of the conference, but, as already mentioned, other scientific approaches are also welcome.

Professor Robert Petkovšek (President of the Program committee)
Professor Bojan Žalec (President of the Organization committee)

Suggested topics:

Conceptual questions about technology
What is intelligence?
Perspectives on the development of artificial intelligence
Machine learning problem
The human body and perspectives of artificial intelligence and technological society
Challenges and perspectives of big data use and digitization
Digitization and the digital age from the perspective of genealogical historical hermeneutics
Ethical use of technology
Traps, dangers and misuses of technology and AI
Technology, AI and common good
The machine as a moral agent
Machines as legal objects and subjects
Is machine learning reliable? Can we “trust” machines?
The meaning of the human body and human being-in-the-world
The use of AI and its integration into the individual/private and social/public human life
AI and human freedom and dignity
Human development, transhumanism and posthumanism
Human nature and perspectives of technological society
Communication in the digital age
Human identity and authenticity in the technological age
What essential human characteristics are threatened by the development of technology and AI
Relationship problems in the technological age
Technology, AI and education
Technology, AI and media
Technology, AI and economy
Technology, AI and politics
Technology, AI and democracy
Technology, AI and ecology
Technology, AI and (mental) health
Technology, AI and work
Technology, AI, peace and war
Technology, AI and religion
Transcendence in the technological age
The image, presence and revelation of God in the technological age
Technology, AI and salvation
Participation of AI in the life of churches and religious communities
Use of technology and AI in announcement and evangelization
Technology, AI and intercultural and interreligious relationships, communication and dialogue
The need for religion in the technological age, its function and significance

The deadline for the confirmation of participation and for the preliminary title of your paper is: June 15th, 2023. Please include the title of your paper, your affiliation (affiliated institution), address for mail correspondence (e-mail address), and your academic title and position.
The deadline for submission of the abstract (final title of the presentation, abstract 200-300 words + 5-7 keywords): July 31st, 2023.
Papers and presentation: Time allotted for each paper is 20 minutes; keynote lectures will last 30 minutes. The language of the conference is English.

Please send abstracts to e-mail address:

Publication of papers: Selected papers form the conference will be published after conference in a book appearing by Lit Verlag, Berlin.

The conference fee amounts to 100 Euros or 160 Euros depending on whether you are staying in Home St. Joseph or not.

Contact person:
Please send all applications and possible questions to our contact person Mr. Stjepan Štivić to the following e-mail address:

Faculty of Theology
Poljanska c. 4
SI-1001 Ljubljana
Phone: 00385917331096
Conference webpage:
The programme will be sent to you after we receive confirmations of attendance.

Best regards,
Professor Robert Petkovšek, President of the Program Committee
Professor Bojan Žalec, President of the Organizing Committee


Additional information
Timeframe: The conference will start on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 afternoon and end on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 till lunchtime.

Venue of the conference:
Home St. Joseph, Spiritual Educational Centre, Plečnikova 29, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia

Tel.: ++386 3 492 65 10
Fax: 00386 3 548 15 96

Fees and accommodation:
100 EUR fee covers participation, book of abstracts, and organized lunches, dinners and break snacks at the conference. 160 EUR includes all the mentioned plus a room (2 nights) and breakfast at St. Joseph Spiritual Educational Centre, (Plečnikova 29, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia)

You will be kindly asked to pay the conference fee before September 15th, 2023. Organizers alas cannot cover the travel costs.
All further information will be available also at the conference webpage: